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In this C13Features podcast movie presentation of Ghostwriter, Kate Mara and Adam Scott star in a psychological thriller about a former journalist who reluctantly accepts a job ghostwriting a new murder mystery novel for an eccentric billionaire. As they collaborate on the project, questions - and suspicions - begin to arise. Grab some popcorn, and get lost in your imagination in this gripping and suspenseful podcast movie experience, Ghostwriter, from C13Features.


Ghostwriter was Executive Produced by Chris Corcoran of Cadence13 and Adam Pincus of Best Case Studios, Kate Mara and Adam Scott.

Ghostwriter was written by Alix Sobler, directed by Kimberly Senior, and produced by Best Case Studios in association with Cadence13.

Ghostwriter stars Kate Mara as Kate and Adam Scott as James, with Nicole Beharie, Tara Summers, Eileen Fogarty, Michael Laurence, Rudy Galvan, K. Todd Freeman, Alton Alburo, Danny McCarthy, Gulshan Mia, Aime Donna Kelly, Lane Bajardi, Jess Godwin, and Tim Creavin.

Edited by Harris Doran and Ben Chesneau, with assistance by Faustine Pelipel, and sound designed and mixed by Dennis Dembeck for Harbor Picture Company. Original Music was composed and performed by Trey Toy.

Lauren Chen is producer for Best Case Studios, and Hannah Lebowitz-Lockard is the production coordinator. Kevin Pham led development and casting for Best Case. Jade Wootton helped with business operations, with legal and business affairs support by Karen Andrews, David Weissbourd and Kelly Rafferty of Cadence13.

Music supervision by Joel C. High and Sami Posner.

Script Supervisors are Paul O’Hannigan and Kelly Wydryk. Sound engineering by Tim Friedlander, Michael Davidson, Bryant Falk, David MacLeod, Bobby Tiemann, Rob O’Leary, Zoltan Sindhu, Jeremiah Reed Lovell and Josiah Kosier.

Graphic design and artwork by Curt Courtenay of Cadence13.

Marketing, PR and photography led by Brian Swarth, Moira Curran, Josefina Francis Hillary Schupf and Evan Cox of Cadence13.

Creative support and direction by Chris Corcoran, Nikki Kovick, David Weissbourd, Lloyd Lochridge and Paige Hymson of Cadence13, along with Dan Guando and Tara Roy. Dancehall Days, performed by Wang Chung, appears courtesy of Spirit Music Group. The song Closer performed by Kings of Leon appears courtesy of RCA Records by arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment.

Ghostwriter is a copyright of Cadence13, an Audacy Company.