c13features press release

‘Treat’ Review: Kiernan Shipka Dazzles in the Bone-Chilling Launch From C13Features

C13Features, the podcast movie division of Cadence13, has released its first feature-length podcast under the banner starring Kiernan Shipka, Treat. And what a treat it is.

Written by Nathan Ballingrud, Treat takes place in Dry Creek, Massachusetts. A town that, to outsiders, looks to be completely normal. It stays that way because its residents have brokered a deal with a supernatural entity that aims to collect. When people stop paying up, however, things take a turn for the worst and a group led by Allie West (Shipka) must put a stop to the entity once and for all. One of the most chilling performances is that of David Shih’s “The Piper.” As the main antagonist, he easily slips into the deviant character to bring frights to all those who cross him. As much as I’m not easily frightened by much, I do have to say he does a wonderful job at giving me the heebie-jeebies.